My Hair Timeline- Manic Panic, Ion, Beyond the Zone and bleach

Here is a rough timeline of all the colors my hair has gone through. I might be slightly off in the order (timelines have never been my thing), but I can try my hardest to help you with your questions. 
Warning! Photo heavy post. 

It all started with an insatiable desire for ombre hair... the curly haired girl below is me. My hair was so well behaved. This hair cut somehow worked perfectly with my naturally curly hair. I could wake up with messy hair and it worked great with the curls. I really wanted more of a brown to dirty blond ombre.

After that, I played a little more with bleach and funky colors. This is my hair with some honey blond streaks and slightly faded Manic Panic Ultra Violet. (All DYI because I was bored and careless hehe)

Next up, I was obsessed with getting brown hair. It took a lot of work and several days but I got to the color I wanted and fell in LOVE. I believe this was done through a lot of bleaching (my natural hair color is as black as it gets) and Revlon Colorstay Ash Blonde. If it wasn't Ash Blonde, it was the next color darker, but it definitely was an ash color. Ash dyes have a slightly green tint which help counteract brassy colors as a result of bleaching. The problem with this color was that it washed out too quickly, leaving me with a brassy color I didn't like.

Here comes the fun stuff!
No filters i promise (unless noted)! My first time with lots of weird colors. You can see the top of my hair was the color from the previous picture. I honestly don't remember what dyes these were.

Next change: color on one side of my hair. The color you see on the top of my hair, that kind of orangey color, is the color my hair bleached to. I couldn't get it any lighter than that. I used that to my advantage and did an ombre from orange to pink to purple, inspired by the Kanye West Graduation album cover poster. For this look I used no color on the top, Beyond the Zone Bubble Head Pink for the middle, and Beyond the Zone Huckleberry Blue for the bottom, knowing that pink and blue would make a purple. I also put some pink dye on Mars, my "child-pet", for a mohawk! Don't fret, I did my research and made sure nothing even got near his eyes!

(Filtered picture) This hair color was achieved with the same dyes as the previous photo but with my hair bleached to a lighter color. This allowed the dye to show up much brighter.

Fall came around and I wanted my colors a little bit darker. I believe this color was Ion Color Brilliance Brights in Magenta and Manic Panic Ultra Violet. Can you tell I was in love with Ultra Violet? Such a unique color. (Sorry for the bad quality picture, it's all I had for this color).

Somewhere in-between, I dyed my hair with Manic Panic Ultra Violet. These pictures are the  result of a faded Ultra Violet. It was my absolute favorite color at the time. I tried other colors in between but came back to this a lot. I'm not sure when exactly I came back to this color in-between the others, so I bunched all the pictures of this hair color together. For this color, my hair was bleached to a very light, almost white color.

Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise freshly dyed. When I first saw this color on myself I didn't like it but it quickly grew on me. With my hair picked up you can see that the darker parts of my hair turned a blue tint with atomic turquoise. Remember, the dye turnout depends on the shade of your hair before you dye it.

This is a little something I did on one of my BFFs. We used Ion Color Brilliance Brights in Aqua after bleaching her virgin hair to a yellow blonde.

Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise slightly faded out (with coordinating matching nails for each side of my hair!)

Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise very faded out. I loved this shade! I went to play laser tag one night and my hair, to my disadvantage, was glowing under the blacklights!

For reference: This is the my hair bleached. To achieve that super pale lavender and faded turquoise I needed my hair even lighter than this. However, this is the lightest I can go in one day safely without damaging my hair too much. 

In this photo my roots are blonde. I tried to mix Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise with conditioner to get a pastel purple without having to wait for it to fade to pastel. The color did not take.  

Another bleach photo.. Here you can see a tint of pink. Pink dye is a pain to get out! I don't know why, but it just would not budge. However, it was such a light pink after bleaching that I could easily dye over it. 

Back to brown hair because I wanted to have my ends a dark blue all over. 

In the sun, this is the result of Ion Color Brilliance Brights in Aqua or Teal (sorry for the spotty memory) and some Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise over the brown hair shown in the previous picture.  It had a purple tint to it at first, but faded to blue on my trip to Vegas!

The colors from the previous photo, but faded. I was starting to dye my hair with  Manic Panic Electric Lizard (you can see a little of it on a strand of hair.)

The result of Manic Panic Electric Lizard. Since it was dyed over a dark blue, the result was EXACTLY what I wanted for the fall. A deep green. This might be my favorite turnout of all the colors. 

Manic Panic Electric Lizard slightly faded.

Somewhere in between all that madness was Ion Color Brilliance Brights Pastel in Lavender. You can see my review and tips for that dye here.

I hope you enjoyed my hair timeline! There's more to come in the future. I just can't keep one color for long ;-) Feel free to leave comments and questions below! 



  1. I like all the colors! thanks for the info!

    1. thanks sala! let me know if you'd like any advice or recommendations.


  2. I love your hair! Also what color had a better seafoam turquoisy color, ion color brillance aqua or manic panic turquoise and which one last longer? Thanks!

    1. Hi anon! Ion color brilliance definitely last longer. I also think that it would give you a better turquoise color. Remember that if you base color is yellow, it will turn greenish because yellow and blue make green!

      Good luck!

  3. I love your hair!! If I were to dye my brown (almost black) hair without bleaching, do you think I would get dark green too with electric lizard? Thank you!

    1. Hi anon! I'm so sorry for the late response. But i don't think it would show up very well with dark brown hair. Maybe in the sunlight, and i think that effect would wash out quickly. I think your best bet would be a medium brown.

      Hope this helps!

  4. This gives me so much inspiration... I currently have ombre hair, so hopefully one day I'll have the bravery to go and dye it purple or pink. I'm just scared to start bleaching my hair on my own and ruining it. Nice pics tho girl!!!!!

  5. manic panic is awesome and I think you hair looks great, I have never thought of dying one colour over the other now I have to try it :)

  6. You're very pretty :) I love your natural hair too



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